Mangurrino Tiles

from 41,5€/m2*.
* The price varies depending on the size and color chosen.

Six triangles surrounding a hexagon give rise to this combination of terracotta tiles reminiscent of a sun 🌞 or sunflowers 🌻. With the different shades available we can create colorful flower fields, you just have to use a little imagination.


Delivery time: 25 to 60 days.


Hexagon 6'' +Triangle 6''

Hexagon 8'' +Triangle 8''


White Salt
Habano Brown
Cherry Red
Chickpea Yellow

Delivery times

Once the order is placed, our craftsmen will begin to mold the pieces for your project.
During spring/summer, it can take 25 to 30 days from the start of the process until the pieces are ready for delivery, while in autumn/winter it can take 45 to 60 days.
You can consult our work process here .

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