In Cerámicas Catalino we are terracota artisans. Our daily work consists of molding the terracota with our hands to give shape to our client’s creativity. We want to highlight the value of the handcrafted work we do and convince you to fill your floors with terracota in the most literal sense of the word. Are you up for it?

Jump in the mud with us!


We are a family business that started in the 50’s to work the terracota. At that time there was no help from any machinery and from the time the process began by preparing the terracota mixture until the customer’s truck was loaded with the bricks or tiles, except for the kiln firing, everything was done by hand. You can imagine what it was like to load a whole truckload of bricks by hand!

Arcilla extraída de nuestras canteras.
Pizarra molida que se emplea en la mezcla.
Artesano moldeando un hexágono de barro.
Estanterías para el secado de las piezas de barro.

Fortunately, the world evolves and we evolve with it, but the main process, the one that characterizes our work, remains the same, our way of making bricks and tiles has not changed in the last 60 years.

Now we are entering fully into the world of online sales, which even though it is a little colder than face-to-face sales in terms of personal contact, we will continue to apply the same cordial and close treatment that has allowed us to work for 60 years. So here we go, let’s see what the next 60 have in store for us!

Fase de encendido del horno mediante el uso de madera de aguacate.
Baldosas cuadradas cocidas en un palé.


Manos del gerente de Cerámicas Catalino.
Francis “El Catalino”

His hands are like two good bricks. Hard-working as he is, he is a walking bible of terracota craftsmanship, his passion.

: Manos del hombre para todo de Cerámicas Catalino.

He knows all the tricks about the craftsmanship involved in working with terracota.

Manos artesano del barro de Cerámicas Catalino.

Veteran among mud veterans. How many m2 of terracota will he have made? Who knows…

Manos artesano del barro de Cerámicas Catalino.
El Chico

The “craziest” tiles pass through his hands. It’s the closest thing we have to a machine in the factory.

Manos artesano del barro de Cerámicas Catalino

With his hands he makes all kinds of terracota pieces that you will want to have in your home.

Manos de hombre de horno de Cerámicas Catalino.

Oven man. In the middle of the summer inside a kiln taking out and putting in material and he works and works and works…

Manos de hombre de horno de Cerámicas Catalino.

Oven man. Before you know it, the oven is complete and ready to be fired.

Want to see what they are able to create with their hands?

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