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All our handmade tiles and bricks are produced in Velez Malaga, Spain. Following the Andalusian tradition and are shipped to Spain and all parts of the world.

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Each piece is the result of manual work, obtaining surfaces, edges, irregularities and shading that cannot be replicated by a machine.


Our team helps you prepare a budget adapted to your projects and shares with you inspiration and advice when laying and maintaining your terracotta floors.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Like bricks and terracotta floors, terracotta tiles have a very long life span and by performing maintenance like any other wall covering we will keep them for many years in perfect condition.

    Terracotta tiles usually have a small thickness, about 1 cm, for use as wall and facade cladding. They are not intended to be installed as flooring because they could break due to the weight.

    The tiles that we make by hand in our tile, floor and terracota brick factory are used by our customers to cover walls in kitchens, bathrooms, restaurant bars, etc. In particular, glazed terracota tiles in different colors and finishes.

    If you want to give a special and unique touch to your home you can also see our catalog of terracota bricks and handmade terracota floors.

    In the case of tiles it is not as critical as it can be in terracota floors, which are more exposed to the daily use that is given to them. But as always, if we apply the protective treatment it will not be superfluous, especially if they are installed in very humid areas and with little sun.

    The main difference is that the molding of ceramic tiles is by extrusion, while terracota tiles are handmade one by one, giving each piece a unique appearance with its own irregularities and unevenness on its surface.

    Regarding technical properties, one difference to be taken into account is that terracota tiles (glazed or unglazed) have greater water absorption than ceramic tiles. This is something we should not worry about if we are going to install them indoors.

    The points to consider during the installation of terracotta tiles are practically the same as for bricks and floors, being very important the professionals hired to perform the work.

    1. Installation period: In this case the installation usually takes place inside a room, so we should have no problems with atmospheric conditions. Simply take into account the time in case the material is stored outside waiting to be installed.
    2. Organization: Carrying out a layout before getting down to work will help us to obtain a better quality result and to avoid unforeseen events or improvisations as much as possible.
      It is advisable to make sure that the surface where we are going to install the tiles is completely clean to avoid problems that once installed are more complicated to solve.
    3. Installation joints, bonding and grouting materials: We always recommend leaving an installation joint of at least 1 cm, but if the client prefers less, the minimum would be about 5 mm.

    We recommend the use of adhesive cement as a bonding material. The main reason is that the drying time will be faster (it is important to follow the manufacturer’s recommendations) than if we use traditional mortars.

    As for the grouting, it is important to make sure that the joints are dry and free of debris. Gray/white cement and sand are usually used. There is also the possibility of using tinted cement to have a similar shade to the tiles that are being installed, which gives a lot of play when it comes to creating.

    Cleaning: Once the entire installation process has been completed, we must proceed to clean all the remains of work on the surface of the tiles. We recommend using special products for terracotta that do not damage the surface.

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