Our process

Do you want to know how, starting from mud, earth and water, we get these pieces that you would like to see installed on your floors and walls? Read on to see it!

The process begins in our terracota quarry, one kilometer from our facilities. During the spring/summer months we extract the terracota with the necessary degree of humidity to be able to work it.

Once the terracota is ready to be processed, it is introduced into the mill and from there into the mixer together with the slate/silt and water, obtaining the mixture that we will use to form the pieces.

At this point is when our craftsmen come into action to give shape to the different orders we are working on. Its work area is made up of streets with shelves and a “cutting machine”, where the terracota is molded manually to achieve the design we want, and once the piece is made, it is placed on the shelves where it will rest until it reaches the necessary humidity level to be introduced into the oven. This drying process is completely natural and its duration will depend on the weather conditions, taking about 10 days in spring/summer and about 25/30 days in winter/autumn.
Artesano trabajando el barro para hacer baldosas rectangulares.

Once the pieces are dry, they are collected from the racks and taken to the kiln where they are placed in “clumps”.

Baldosas con formato rombo en las estanterías de secado.

The cooking process requires 6 days to complete and another 6 days of cooling to achieve optimum physical properties. Although when we talk about “cooling”, it’s not exactly that the bricks come out cold!

Troncos de aguacate de la Axarquía que se emplean para el inicio del proceso de cocción.
We use sustainable fuels such as avocado tree trunks from the area and orujillo from the oil extraction process, complying with all environmental requirements to take care of our environment.
Once the firing process is completed, the material is removed from the kiln and packed on European pallets, ready to be shipped to its destination, ready for installation!

Now that you know how we work, contact us so we can make your floor or terracota bricks!

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